Total Weighing Solutions

Total Weighing Solutions

The Concept

Modern requirements for fish captures such as conservation, catch and release and data recording are now core elements that need to be engineered into the products used in this process.
The Total Weighing Solutions (TWS) project focuses on developing not only future scales models, but also a complementary range of integrated weighing systems and accessories tailor-made for the weighing, measuring and recording process during fish capture. TWS will work with consultants, agents and fieldworkers from both the environmental and angling arenas to develop future-proof weighing products to cope with the external factors affecting the capture process.

Total Weighing Solutions – Press Release Tackle & Guns 2015

Reuben Heaton previewed its Total Weighing Solutions project and Tackle & Guns 2015.
“Every year we see new developments within the various disciplines in angling that require specialist weighing and measuring products. In some cases, the products required are similar too but not the same as the traditional products for others it’s a totally new product. We are working on products for both leisure and match anglers, for use in saltwater and freshwater”.
“Accurate recording of data is easy when working with inanimate objects; they sit still and allow you to weigh them, there’s no movement, no water and not much in the way of external factors to affect your results. With angling it’s much more of a challenge and we’re setting out to improve the process where we can with weighing accessories specifically designed to minimise the external factors that can cause error”.
Reuben Heaton Managing Director – Andrew Race

Total Weighing Solutions – Worldwide

Reuben Heaton scales are instrumental in the weighing in process for many events worldwide. Live coverage of events means that pressure for efficient and safe weighing processes is greater than ever. In addition, many modern fisheries now impose weight restrictions on individual keep net weights. TWS will target these situations and develop solutions to suit.

TWS - Weights and Measures

Measurement of fish length is now an integral part of catch and release programs and angling events worldwide. The TWS project will eventually include a range fish measures covering both pleasure angling and competition level solutions.