Lazer Sharp

Lazer Sharp needle point hooks

Lazer Sharp - Sharper. Stronger. Longer.

Lazer Sharp needle point hooks are the only American made needle point hooks. Well known for their durability and strength, Lazer Sharp hooks have an enviable reputation for consistency of performance based on an advanced needle-point designed to improve the overall function of the hook by increasing sharpness, hook-up ratios and holding power through greater penetration.

The Lazer Sharp range includes many hook patterns for a wide range of saltwater and freshwater applications, encompassing everything from the latest weed free predator designs to traditional saltwater patterns such as Kirby and Aberdeen’s.

Hooks are available in a range of finishes depending on pattern including plain bronze, nickel and platinum black.

Alongside the comprehensive hooks range, Lazer Sharp also includes a wide range of terminal tackle, pre-tied fishing rigs and components as well as a selection of tools purpose designed for angling use.

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