Specimen Hunter Timescale Clock

Specimen Hunter Timescale Clock

Reuben Heaton Ltd, first unveiled scale-based clocks back in the mid 1990’s as promotional items for display in angling shops.


Based on the 4000 Series high impact polycarbonate body and lens system, the latest Timescale clocks incorporate the same stainless-steel hook and hang point and several smaller components from the current 4000 series design. Timescale clocks are manufactured in our UK factory alongside the 4000 series Standard, Match and Specimen Hunter scales.


The Specimen Hunter Timescale recreates the original design of the first legendary version of the iconic Specimen Hunter scale complete with pike and carp decals, classic version of the Isaac Walton crest and iconic Specimen Hunter branding.


Designed to appeal more to the ardent specimen angler, the Specimen Hunter Timescale features precise quartz clock movements with superior constant sweep action powered by a single AA battery (not included). Each Specimen Hunter Timescale comes with full warranty.

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RH2400 TP015S



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