The Sportsman’s Tubular Balance

  • Sportsmans Tubular Balance
  • Sportsmans Tubular Balance

The Sportsman’s Tubular Balance

A direct descendant of the tubular balances first made by Reuben Heaton before the turn of the century, the latest Sportsman’s Balance brings together the traditional qualities of a hand made product, with high tech production features such as laser cut graduations through the scale body that will never wear out. A high quality British made product and size for size the most compact tubular balance available. Manufactured throughout from corrosion resistant material, the Sportsman’s Balance features a high quality stainless steel body and plated main spring. The laser cut, easy to read graduations, good tare/zero range and integral weigh bar make the Sportsman’s Balance a joy to use.


The Sportsman’s Balance comes complete with a protective leather pouch, manufactured in the traditional “leather quarter” district of Walsall, Birmingham. All other components used to make a Sportsman’s Balance are either made in-house at our factory or sourced locally in the Midlands, including the presentation box which includes some history about the origins of the product and the company.


•Stainless steel hook and hanging points
•Highly corrosion-resistant interiors
•Large tare/zero facility to 15% of capacity
•Full overload protection
•Full after scales servicing & calibration facilities

Scale Diameter


Top Hook to Hang Point





Imperial Only

6012/100 - 12lb x 2oz

6024/100 - 24lb x 4oz

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