TK884 Magnum Carp HD

TK884 Magnum Carp HD

The TK884 is the hook that started the development of the Magnum carp range and is based on the TK7 bait hook used in the initial trials. A highly developed short shank wide gape hook, the TK884 features a slightly shorter shank than the TK881 and a straight eye. Generous internal diameter on the eye allows multiple threading. A strong hook for medium to heavy conditions but light enough to balance well in critical presentations. The TK884 is offered in larger sizes for big fish applications and is also suitable for light catfish rigs. Sizes are non-standard compared to other carp patterns. A powerful hook. TK884-2 = std size 6, TK884-1 = Std size 4; TK884-1/0 = Std size 2; TK884-2/0 = std 1


•Round Bend
•Beak Point
•Low Profile Barb
•Ring Eye Epoxy Sealed
•Black Chrome Finish With PTFE Coating
•Patented SST Surgically Sharpened Point


6, 4, 2 & 1