Devon Minnow Mounts

Devon Minnow Mounts

Devon Minnows and Oval Spratt mounts are purpose built for theDevon Minnows and Oval Spratt bait and are available separately in packs of 3.


The classic minnow design and one of the earliest forms. Tried and tested for generations, a very effective salmon bait in most conditions. Griffiths minnows are cast in one piece, and will not split or crack even in very low water temperatures. Balanced to ensure correct presentation is achieved, both Standard and Oval minnows are available in floating and sinking varieties, complete with mounts.



38mm/1.5" – MM/150PK
50mm/2" – MM/200PK
64mm/2.5" – MM/250PK
76mm/3" – MM/300PK
88mm/3.5" – MM/350PK

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