TroKar Pro-V Weedless Finesse Jigs TKNJW

TroKar Pro-V Weedless Finesse Jigs TKNJW

The ultimate hook for weedless Ned-style rigging. Manufactured from bespoke Q741 high carbon steel and featuring Trokar’s patented point design with Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). Advanced tungsten heads give perfect size to weigh ratio and Pro-V style bend increases hook strength and holding power. Stainless steel weed guard and integral moulded keeper keeps soft baits weed free and in place cast after cast. Hooks come in a range of colours and weights from 1.85gr up to 5.6gr.


  • Balanced Weight
  • Moulded Bait Keeper
  • Pro V High Strength Bend
  • Non Offset
  • Stainless Steel Weed Guard
  • Black Nickel Finish

Size 1 – 1.85g
Size 1/0 – 3.5g
Size 2/0 – 5.6g


Chartreuse – 03
Black – 04
Pearl – 08
Red Flake – 64


TKNJW115-03 Size 1 Chartreuse
TKNJW110-03 Size 1/0 Chartreuse
TKNJW15-03 Size 2/0 Chartreuse
TKNJW115-04 Size 1 Black
TKNJW110-04 Size 1/0 Black
TKNJW15-04 Size 2/0 Black
TKNJW115-08 Size 1 Pearl
TKNJW110-08 Size 1/0 Pearl
TKNJW15-08 Size 2/0 Pearl
TKNJW115-64 Size 1 Red Flake
TKNJW110-64 Size 1/0 Red Flake
TKNJW15-64 Size 2/0 Red Flake

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