TK170 Magnum Weighted Swimbait

TK170 Magnum Weighted Swimbait

The new TK170 Magnum weighted swimbait hook, is designed for optimum presentation of a range of soft baits. The super wide gape and precision spring keeper ensure that soft baits are easily accommodated between weight and point, as well as being securely fixed in place. These ultra strong hooks have a forged ring eye and come in a range of weights from 3.5gr (1/8oz) up to 21g (3/4oz).


•Precision Balanced Weight
•Spring Style Bait Keeper
•Super Wide Gape
•Forged Ring Eye
•Black Chrome Finish
•Patent SST Surgically Sharpened Point


Sizes/weights available;
3/0 (3.5gr/1/8oz)
5/0 (7gr / 1/4oz)
7/0 (10.5g / 3/8oz)
9/0 (14g / 1/2oz)
10/0 (21g / 3/4oz)