Pro-V Finesse Jigs LNJ

Pro-V Finesse Jigs LNJ

Available in a variety of weight and colour options Pro-V Finesse jigs offer a new benchmark hook for Ned-style rigging and other applications making them a versatile addition to any tackle box. Stronger than comparable round bend hooks with Pro-V style bend to increase holding power. Integral moulded keeper keeps soft baits in place cast after cast. Hooks come in a range of colours and weights from 1.75gr up to 5.25gr.


  • Balanced Weight
  • Moulded Bait Keeper
  • Pro V High Strength Bend
  • Non Offset
  • Stainless Steel Weed Guard
  • Black Nickel Finish

Size 1 – 1.75g
Size 1/0 – 3.5g
Size 2/0 – 5.25g


Chartreuse – 03
Black – 04
Pearl – 08
Red Flake – 64


LNJ116-03 Size 1 Chartreuse
LNJ18-03 Size 1/0 Chartreuse
LNJ316-03 Size 2/0 Chartreuse
LNJ116-04 Size 1 Black
LNJ18-04 Size 1/0 Black
LNJ316-04 Size 2/0 Black
LNJ116-08 Size 1 Pearl
LNJ18-08 Size 1/0 Pearl
LNJ316-08 Size 2/0 Pearl
LNJ116-64 Size 1 Red Flake
LNJ18-64 Size 1/0 Red Flake
LNJ316-64 Size 2/0 Red Flake

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