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Atlantic Spoons

Atlantic Spoons have a classic fluttering action with a hammered finish and enough weight to cast well. Equally good for salmon and otherpredatory species both in freshwater and sea, the Atlantic Spoon comes in two weight ranges, standard gauge for general conditions and heavy gauge for heavy water conditions or where the lure needs to be fished deep down. All spoons feature high quality split rings, swivels and hooks.

Atlantic Spoon Sizes

7g/ 1/4 oz – AS/207
10g/ 3/8 oz – AS/310
15g/ 1/2 oz – AS/415
21g/ 5/8 oz – AS/521

Magnum Atlanic Spoon Size

56g/2oz – AS/560


Stock colours

Fluo Chartreuse/Silver
Copper/Silver "Blair Style"
Glow in the dark/Silver
Black/Gold Zebra
Fluo Red/Silver

Magnum Stock Colours


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