TKSH Scorpion Shakey Head Jig

TKSH Scorpion Shakey Head Jig

The Trokar Scorpion Shakey Head jig features a flat-bottomed tungsten weight perfect for the “heads down” lure style and offering a slimmed-down profile for delicate lure presentation. Based on a unique hook profile with curved shank, the Scorpion Shakey Head features moulded bait keeper and is available in five weights from 2.65g (3/32oz) up to 10.5g (3/8oz) and two colour options.


Round Bend
60 Degree Jig
Curved Shank
Tungsten Weighted Head
Moulded Bait Keeper
Black Chrome Finish with PTFE Coating
Patented SST Surgically Sharpened Point



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